Day 10

I had my last breakfast with my friends in Iceland today, and we boarded the bus for the city tour. I got off at the first stop, said my goodbyes to everyone and waited for my dad to pick me up in the rental car. My family arrived in Iceland yesterday and they had already gone horseback riding and immersed in the Blue Lagoon, which made me slightly jealous. It was really nice to be back with the family again and share all my Icelandic adventures.

We decided to go on a helicopter tour of the glacier, which was absolutely AMAZING! We could see the continental rift between the North American and Eurasian continents from the helicopter, and all the mountains and glaciers and hidden waterfalls. Below are some pictures and videos from the amazing experience.

Since the Gulfoss Falls and geysirs in the Golden Circle are big attractions in Iceland, I went again with my family to visit them. This time, the places weren’t as crowded because it was very chilly! After a while, it started to drizzle so we took some pictures and headed back to the hotel. We had to pack our suitcases and leave very early the next day for Amsterdam!


Thanks for reading my blog! After Iceland, I traveled with my family to Amsterdam, Madrid, Segovia, Toledo, Lisbon, and London. My sister, Kareena, has created a blog of our travels to these places so I will post her link here when she has finished it ☺


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