Day 9

Today consisted of our exam followed by our capstone project presentations. The exam covered the classes we had from the first two days of the program as well as other material that had been emailed to us prior to the program. After the exam, we had a break to work on perfecting our capstone projects before presenting. My group was unfortunately presenting last, but we had more time to practice and observe others’ presentations.

In general, everyone’s projects went well and we all received good feedback from the university professors. The professors liked my group’s presentation and told us that we need to perform a cost-benefit analysis to see if it was worth it to update the flash plant. In my head, I thought the update would definitely be worth it because it would produce zero CO2 emissions.  However, the entire project would cost millions, so an analysis would be needed if a company in the US were to update their plant.

After our capstone projects, the rest of the day was really relaxing. We headed to a beach right outside Reyjkavik University for swimming then went back to the first guesthouse we were at to socialize. I couldn’t believe it was my last day here with everyone! It was amazing how close we got in just 10 days. We stayed up until 4am relaxing and talking about the adventures we had and decided that in a few years, we would all have a reunion in New Zealand.


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