Day 8

Helga said that we were going glacier hiking today, so I was a bit nervous because my body was still sore from the hike two days ago. However, she assured everyone that it was much easier than our previous hike and would only take an hour. The day started off with a scrumptious vegetarian breakfast prepared for me at the new hostel, followed by a site visit of the new hostel that is getting built for the Green Program. The architect was planning on installing a rock climbing wall, a bar, a swimming pool, and several other amenities. Everyone was slightly jealous of the future Green Program students that would be able to stay here!

After the visit, we visited another tall waterfall and climbed a long flight of stairs to the top of a hill near the waterfall. We settled there to have a simple lunch of sandwiches and juice. We could see sheep below us, and I was really tempted to “baaa” at them to get their attention but I resisted. It was a little chilly on the top of the hill, so I lay down on the grass in hopes that the wind wouldn’t hit me so hard.

Soon, we boarded the bus to go glacier hiking! Before going on the glacier, we attached crampons onto our hiking boots so we wouldn’t slide off the glacier. These crampons have sharp, jagged edges that dig into the glacier so we don’t slip. After attaching the crampons, we embarked on the glacier hike. Helga was right, the hike wasn’t hard at all! Going up the glacier was easier because we didn’t have to worry about our balance, but on our way down, we had to bend our legs slightly. Below are some pictures and videos of the hike.

Our final destination before heading to the hostel was the biofuel class, where we learned about how biofuels are produced from crops and animal waste. Replacing fossil fuels with locally produced biofuels would immensely reduce CO2 emissions.

We headed back to the hostel for a quick dinner, and then my capstone group worked furiously through the night to finish our presentation.  Our business model for upgrading flash geothermal plants to binary-flash geothermal plants was almost done, so the five of us just needed to delegate slides and practice what we would say. I was really nervous about presenting at the university the next morning, so I wrote a lot of notes about what I was going to say. I decided to sleep and wake up early to practice my lines more.


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