Day 7

Today involved much less physical activity than other days, which we were all grateful for. I felt pretty sore from hiking the day before, but I could still walk around without much pain. After breakfast, we went super jeeping, which was a lot of fun. The driver played some awesome Icelandic reggae that you should definitely check out on Spotify – it is quite catchy. While super jeeping, we made some stops along the way. At one of the stops, we went through a little cave to find a hidden waterfall. (picture below) It is really amazing how many hidden waterfalls Iceland has!

For lunch, we sat on the grass and had hot dogs and fruit. Of course, there were vegan hot dogs for me and my vegan friend to enjoy, and they were actually really good. After lunch, we visited the black sandy beach where the super jeep drivers raced on the sand dunes and around the beach. We spent around an hour at the beach and then went to our new guesthouse. When everyone had a good shower and got accustomed to their rooms, we headed for dinner then worked on our capstone projects. After working on our project for a while, a couple of my friends and I went to visit the sheep. We named one of them Lars, and he would always come to us and let us pet him. Most of the other sheep ran away from us, sadly. We took a lot of pictures with Lars and other sheep that decided to hang out with us. Below are some pictures/selfies with the sheep.

After spending quality time with the sheep, we headed back to the guesthouse and watched some television until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore.


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